Hurrah silly season is nearly upon us!

Yep it’s that time of year again when your social calendar is bursting full of festive engagements, not just with friends and family of course but also work parties, drinks and lunches. Whether it’s a ‘do’ with business partners, associates or clients or an all-singing, all-dancing company party filled with colleagues and peers as well as the CEO. Make sure you continue to set the right tone by avoiding these three festive fashion faux pas at the work Christmas party…

Susie Styles_What To Wear To The Christmas Party

1) The first rule of dressing for work Christmas party season

Be festive but not tacky (unless the dress code specifically states that of course!) Best avoid anything with mistletoe on it, in it or around it. I know kissing beneath the mistletoe is a lovely tradition but a work do is not the place to force people to kiss you, save it for the privacy of your own home. It’s not only provocative it’s also a sure-fire way to end up with this season’s knock out flu.

If you want to add a more sophisticated green foliage accessory – go for holly instead. That also brings me onto antler headbands, jumpers that require batteries or a power supply and anything with jingle bells. Imagine bumping into a client, your CEO or that business associate you’ve desperately been trying to impress all year-long at the bar and your conversation being distracted by flashing lights or super annoying jingly jangly bells ting-tingling every time you move your head.  And I hope I don’t have mention sexy santa outfits…

Susie Styles_What To Wear To The Christmas Party_Sexy Santa Outfits

2) Don’t go OTT on glamour

Whether you spend Christmas day glammed up in your best frock or snug as a bug in your onesie neither are the right option for a festive work knees up. Even if the vibe is a fairly casual affair try to resist the urge to wear your trainers, relaxed weekend attire or anything you might slob about in the evenings. Make an effort, this is still work after all. Learn about finding a party dress to suit your shape here >>>

Susie Styles_What Not to Wear to a Christmas Party_Casual Slouchy style on Couch

3) Don’t show off

And finally. Dress appropriately for the function you’re attending and don’t be fooled into thinking that the annual drinks do with clients or colleagues is an opportunity to show off and let loose in that low-cut, skin-tight cocktail dress and sky-high stripper heels. There’s nothing wrong with being yourself, but be yourself within reason as an office or work Christmas party isn’t the right place for cleavage bearing, too tight or sheer clothes . Remember you still have to walk into the office or meetings the following week and be taken seriously by your client, CEO or team, command respect and be bad ass at your job. Not sure how to decipher a dress code on an invite? Check this out >>>

Susie Styles_What Not To Wear to a Christmas Work Party_Edith Head quote

I’d love you to share in the comments below whether these tips were helpful? Have you made a mistake in your attire at the work Christmas party and regretted it?